About the Documentary

Imagine an online community where strangers actively help each other battle insomnia, depression, and even loneliness through creative expression. This community exists; It's the ASMR community.


What is ASMR?

The term "autonomous sensory meridian response" (ASMR) is marked by a pleasurable tingling sensation often felt in the head. This can be triggered by anything from getting a haircut, hearing a paint brush against canvas, to listening to someone whisper. Not everyone feels it, but some of the lucky ones have joined together to create a social media movement that's changing lives.

BRAINGASM is a feature documentary that explores ASMR, the unique community surrounding it, and the scientific possibilities this phenomenon could provide.

Meet the Filmmaker

Lindsay Ragone is a Canadian filmmaker who has worked in the industry for over a decade. She began her career as a production manager for documentaries -- many in which she also acted as visual researcher, assistant editor, and post-production supervisor. In 2003, she moved into the edit suite and never left, cutting everything from documentaries and comedy series, to reality television. Her work as an editor is broadcast regularly across North America and abroad. BRAINGASM is her directorial debut.

If you would like to contact Lindsay, she can be reached via email.

Get Involved

Donate Your ASMR Videos

If you would like to have your ASMR video featured in this documentary, please contact Lindsay via email.

Please note: We are not able to use videos with visible branding -- no logos on clothing, posters in background, reading from copyrighted books, uncleared music, etc. Full names and locations will not be released in the film. Anyone filmed for an interview will be identified on-screen by their first name only, and ASMRtists who provide videos will receive an end credit using their online handle (unless otherwise requested). We are not able to use ASMR videos by minors (under 18 years of age) without a signed release form from a parent or legal guardian.